Nation's Top Teams

Both Darien and New Canaan girls lacrosse teams finished the 2022 season ranked in the top five nationally.

New Canaan ranked 4th after winning a thrilling Class L final 14-13 against Darien. Darien (20-2) placed No. 5 in the final Nike/USA Lacrosse High School Girls National Top 25. 

St. Paul (Md.), Victor (N.Y.) and Glenelg Country (Md.) were the top three.

The Rams won both FCIAC and state championships this year, for the first time ever.  Darien had won two straight state championships in 2019 and 2021 before finishing runner-up this season.

The Blue Wave have the most state titles in Connecticut girls lacrosse history with 11.

Darien HS Graduation

After a sometime difficult and topsy-turvy four years, Darien High School seniors reach graduation. The ceremony was held on Friday, June 17.

CIAC Tournament Finals

In Girls Tennis, Darien went undefeated, winning the FCIAC and Class LL CIAC championships.

In Boys Tennis, Darien lost in the FCIAC semi-finals to Staples but won the Class L CIAC championships.

In Boys Volleyball, Darien went undefeated in the regular season and won both the FCIAC and CIAC championships. In all of the 26 matches they played, Darien only lost one set!

In Boys Lacrosse, Darien won the FCIAC championship and was runner-up in the Class L CIAC finals to Staples

In Girls Lacrosse, Darien lost in the FCIAC finals and CIAC finals to New Canaan.

Heartbreak in Lacrosse Finals

Both of the Darien lacrosse teams came away disappointed in the CIAC State finals.

For the girls, it was their arch-nemesis New Canaan Rams who tripped up the Wave again, first in the FCIAC finals and then in the State’s, winning 14-13.

The Rams held off a late charge as the Blue Wave scored three straight times to turn a four-goal deficit into a one-goal nailbiter with 1:13 remaining.

It was New Canaan’s seventh state championship overall and its first since 2018. Darien had won the last two state titles and 11 titles overall.

In boys lacrosse Staples HS stunned the Blue Wave, winning the State Finals 12-3.

Darien has 14 CIAC Championships and has been the unanimous No. 1 in state polls since April. Staples scored 4 in the first quarter and lead 9-1 at halftime. The Wave only managed 14 shots all game.

Darien ends their season 20-3.

CIAC Lacrosse Action

No. 1 seed Darien easily defeated Greenwich 15-2 In the Girls Lacrosse quarterfinals. Arch-rival New Canaan at the No. 2 seed beat South Windsor HS 18-1.

In the semi-finals, Darien faces No. 4 Wilton (15-3) and New Canaan plays No. 10 seed Ridgefield.

Both games happen at the Greenwich HS on Tuesday, June 7.

In the Boys Division, the Blue Wave crushed Westhill in the first round, 22-1. Next up are the Greenwich Cardinals in the quarterfinals. 


Volleyball may not have the pizzazz of flashier sports, but what the DHS boys volleyball team did is nothing short of amazing.

Start with the 43-match winning streak beginning in 2021. The team then had a perfect 20-0 regular season this year with 19 shutouts. Then they blew through the FCIAC playoffs with 3 shut-out matches including the Finals against Trumbull.

Now, No. 1 state-ranked Darien head to the CIAC tournament.


DHS Class of 1970 is once again planning a 50th reunion, this time for the week-end of July 22-24. Robin Wakeman, Nina and Dave Miller are helping organize the event. Saturday evening will be at the Wee Burn CC and Sunday at the Paddle Courts at Weed Beach.

Pictured above are Nina Miller, Vic Capellupo, Rich Glica, Drew Papsun and David Miller

Stephen Jones

 Stephen Jones died April 19, 2022 from health issues at his home in Bethesda, Maryland. Please go to Memorials.


In addition to the many construction projects happening in Darien, town leaders are considering buying a portion of Darien’s Great Island. The property, the summer estate of William Ziegler, was bought in 1905 and is connected to Darien by Rings End Bridge.  It is considered the last, best piece of undeveloped property of its kind on the entire East Coast of the US.

First Selectwoman Monica McNally said she believed the acquisition would be a major asset for the town: one of the largest remaining parcels of undeveloped land in Darien that would benefit generations to come.


Darien Projects to Move Forward

The town is moving ahead with 3 major projects that were delayed due to Covid. The Darien Commons at West Avenue and Edgerton, when finished will contain120 residential units and mixed use retail. 

What's being called the Corbin District in the heart of downtown Darien, a $100 million dollar project, will add an additional 100+ apartments. 

The new Noroton Heights Shopping Center, located where Stolers and Peoples bank once stood, is finally beginning to finish the demolition after much delay.

The town is also researching the effects of the projects on traffic and school enrollment. 


A Darien family, the McPhersons, recently donated nearly 4 acres of land to the Darien Land Trust and another 1 plus acre to the Mather Homestead Foundation. The family are descendants of Stephen Mather, and a McPherson was the first director of the National Park Service in 1916.

Nothing will ever be built on the land and preservationists will continue to improve its environmental value, according to the Land Trust.

Beginning in 2003, the McPherson family donated nearly 10 acres. The family turned over another 2.5 acres to the Land Trust in 2017. They also signed over the Mather Homestead to the Mather Homestead Foundation, which maintains the house and conducts public tours.

Change of Reunion Plans Now for DHS 1971

The Darien High Class of 1971 has made a change in their plans for their 50th reunion. Instead of holding it in 2021, the event is now slated for October 14-16, 2022!

The class website,,  is worth visiting. Their feature, “Share Your Creative Expressions,” displays the artistic works from many talented classmates. Additionally, the class seeks assistance in locating some missing folks.


Hundreds of spectators showed up at the First Congregational Church in Darien to watch the reenactment of two historical events – the 1781 British raids on the Middlesex Meeting House and Mather Farm.

The Museum of Darien, First Congregational Church of Darien and the Mather Homestead all took part in the event, which was part of the town’s COVID-delayed bicentennial celebration of its 1820 founding.

Local residents portrayed historic figures in the event, which centered on the Rev. Moses Mather, whose great, great, great, great granddaughter, Jane Nickerson, a Darien native, was on hand to witness.

U.S. Rep. Jim Himes (D-4) was there too.  “As a representative in the successor of the Continental Congress. … this is a delightful reminder of where this area came from,” he said.

People Finally Getting Together Again

After a long year of masks and quarantines, people are once again back together.

Benny Bruno and Mike Lopriore recently drove up to Myrtle Beach for some golf with Dick Costello and Navy friends. 

As Mike said: "Great golf courses, good food, and we even had a few beverages." 

Amen to that.

Summer Wing-Ding

Some DHS Classmates got together at a party at Patty Mazza's house this summer.

Around the table are Christy Farrington, Nancy and Steve Verses, George Farrington, Mark Tinker, Dick Costello, Patty Mazza and Dave Lynch.

Behind the camera is Kathy 'Skins" Strachan. 

Keep the good times and pictures coming!


Picture from Pear Tree Beach posted on Facebook


Hard to Believe
More than Two Years since our 50th Reunion !

See You Again Soon!
Post 50th Reunion Get-Together
Great shot of classmates Kenny Peliksza, Mike 'Lope' Lopriore, Dick Costello, and Ben Bruno in Jacksonville. Nobody mentioned any golf scores but all were sad to see former Jax resident Paul Hepp leave for Texas. 

Go Team!

We know things are rough right now. So who better than some cheerleaders to keep up our spirits to finish the fight!

Front row left to right:
Anahid Kavookjian, Josie Mullen, Joni Dobson
Back row left to right:
Sue Geiger, Sharon Denunzio, Cinny Cobb, Sue Perschino, Peggy McNeil, Sue Venarde
Sandy Young, Carol Ann Augustus

Mardie Porter shares her winter adventure:

Another ski adventure! Three days at the Appalachian Mountain Club  Lodge “Gorman Chairback”. We left home when the temp was a freezing -14 below.  We trekked eight mile to the lodge as temperatures  warmed to near 17 degrees. 

The second day was on snowshoe on back-country trails. Day 3 we skied back out to our cars on a glorious day, with temps above freezing!!!

Sounds like a ball!


Steve and Patti Craig did well in their apple orchard this fall. They report harvesting over 20 bushels of apples. (Note: 1 bushel = 48 pounds). The Craigbo Cider Co. made 16 gallons of unadulterated apple cider, while also donating apples to a local farmer and food pantry.
The Big 5-0
Reunion Central

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From Our 50th!


Chris Eng Leventhal, Kate Mason Gredinger, Sue Geiger Johanson

Benny Bruno, Mark Tinker, Gary Gibbs

Tim and Jamila Potts

Folks From Hindley School

Sue Venarde Mahoney, Sue Geiger, Anahid

Thomas Lane and Edward Tyler
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Georgianna Smith Bloom, Rick Bloom, Tom Lane

Charlie Smith and Lauren Fair

Carol Ann Augustus Summers and Bev Bonfoey

Patti Shaw Craig and Mardie Porter
Mark Paddock, Dennis Sullivan, Sue Venardi Mahoney, Janet Martin Fisher, Martyn Goossen, Kathy DelleFontane Goossen, Steve Craig


Dave Lynch, Barb and Jim Tully

Cliff Powell, Gork Boneman, Sandy McGill

Chris Eng Leventhal, Dennis Sullivan, Patti Shaw Craig, Dick Costello

Rick Weber, Chris Weber, Eric Joosten, Paul Hendrickson


Josie Mullen and Lauren Fair

Peter Johnson, Paul Dominis, Paul Buckley, Carolyn Johnson


Sue Geiger, Anahid Kavookjian Vrana, Ann Back Price


Josie Mullen and James Tully

Bill and Annie Schade

Ed Tyler and Bob Mercer


Dick Costello and Rick Poccia


Janet Martin Fisher and Sally Armus Shutts


Charlie Smith, Bill Guptill, Kathy Strachan

Tom Lane, Stu Traver, Jay Baker, David Miller

Bruce Frail, Eric Joosten, Vandy Van Wagener

Sue Venarde Mahoney, Kathy DelleFontane Goossen, Marty Goossen, Ed Tyler
Gary Gibbs and Chris Bischof

Our Schedule of Events


The Goose Restaurant at 7:00 pm.
Cash Bar, Refreshments, Free Appetizers 


Breakfast at the Sugar Bowl

A golf outing at Ridgefield CC 11:00 

Main Event at Tokeneke Club

Dinner and music at the Tokeneke Club


Weed Beach Paddle Pavillion
Lunch and refreshments

    Our Guest List

Pete White Dave Terry
Claudia Smith Davenport Kathy DelleFontane Goossen
Dennis Gavin Pete Johnson
Rick Poccia Janet Martin Fisher
Mark Beckwith Anita Conway
Bruce Frail Paul Dominis
Patty Mazza Sturges Sue Dickman Klein
Sally Armus Christy Rodgers
Mardi Porter Ed Tyler
Bill Guptill Mark Blackman
Georgiana Smith Bloom Kate Mason Gredinger
Pete Franklin Gary  Gibbs
Tom Lane Billy Harper
Anahid Kavoojian Vrana Dave Lynch
Lauren Fair Jimmy Valente
Tim Potts Casey Nickerson
Suzanne Nikola Baldino John van den Heuvel
Jim Morrison Chris Bischof
Josie Mullen Paul Buckley
Johnny Maul Skip Kennedy
Bev Bonfoey Barb Thorne
Marni Kent Hansell Bob Mercer
Bob Ierardi Eric Joosten
Dennis Sullivan Tom Milek
Gary Swartz Dave Miller
Steve Verses Jay Baker
Cliff Powell Ann Back Price
Steve and Patti Craig Anne Marie McGarry
Vandy Van Wagener Bill Schade
George Farrington Todd and Martha Robbins
Rick Weber Jane Seyferth
Sue Venarde Mahoney Mark Tinker
Joan Dobson Glazebrook Paul Hendrickson
Sandy McGill Ted Vanech
Jim Tully Stu Traver
Dick Costello Mike Lopriore
Charlie Smith Chris Eng Leventhal
Jane Genster John Wuerthner
Carol Ann Augustus Summers Anne Irvine
Ken Broska Paul Hepp
Dave Jefferson Sue Geiger
Allison Poccia Joanne Schoepf Reisser
Benny Bruno                 Kyle Hepp    
Kathy Strachan Pam Burkhardt Mele 
Peter Scholtz  
Comments from Class Members!

Mary Bass Brown: Have fun everyone! Enjoy - post pictures.....lot's of pictures!
Anna Lamberton Whelpley: So sorry to be missing this great time😫Have a blast!

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Thanks, and see you soon!
Christy Rogers on the Camino de Santiago
Pete White
Thanks for the Update!

Joanne Schoepf Reisser

Thanks for the Update!
We Thank the DHS 1969 Classmates Who Served
Skins and Terry Cummings
Mike Lopriore and Paul Hepp get together in Jacksonville, FL.

Hey, where's the invite? It's freezing up here!


Vandy Van Wagener - Good to hear from you!

Thanks for the Update.
Anne Marie McGarry
Thanks for Your Update!
Deb Ridabock preps for the end of summer
Greetings Anahid!
Great to Hear from You
Hot Fun in the Summertime
The perils of missing class on senior 'Skip' Day
George Wehmann's Pontiac Super Chief
Mary Grace Joynt and Suzanne Ferree

 Terry Cummings, Tim Maul, Cliff Powell

Tina Rollins McKay in Bali
Tina Rollins McKay in Bali
George Farrington, Mark Tinker and Jay Baker  Photo by George Wehmann
George Farrington, Mark Tinker and Jay Baker Photo by George Wehmann

 Shot of trip out west during summer of '69 when we hitchhiked to California. Mark Tinker's dad bought us the car to roam around California and back to CT. Thought I lost this. Great memories from that trip. Those were the days!  -George Wehmann

The names just keep on coming in!

(starting bottom left): Chris Garr, Ellen Johnson, Martha Whelan, Jane Hindenlang
Sue Dickman, Kathy McIntyre, Pam Burkhart Melee, Co Koppert (Young LIfe)
Bobby Grant, Kathy Fricke, Jackie Fitzpatrick, MaryLou Sivos
Heidi Gerber
Carol Augustus Summers, Anna Lamberton, Louis Belfour, Sara Schyler
Man in hat- L. (Ron) Hubbard, the kid on far right with hood is Mardie Porter's brother, Clark Porter 
The guy near top row hat and glasses: Middlesex science teacher "Booger" Bates
Right Center back row: The man in the hat and woman next to him-
Mr and Mrs Hendrickson (Paul's parents)! 

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