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Chris Wilson
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Newtonville MA English Teacher Married 1
Feeling old and, as usual, at the end of the alphabet.But as our daughter finished high school this spring, my mind (such as it is) drifted back, and it was great to see this event happening. (Do people know that NEIRAD is archived on line? Go figure.) Looking forward to the weekend. Thanks to the organizers--Would love to hear from people-- Send Chris  a MessageSend Chris a Message
Anna Lamberton (Whelpley)
Wilmington NC Divorced 1
If you're reading this, go to Anne Cady's website to see her paintings.  They are fabulous!!! Send Anna a MessageSend Anna a Message
Susan Venarde (Mahoney)
Greenwich CT museum educator Married 2
The reunion was a joyful and spirited event, thanks to a talented committee and fun classmates.  I'm hoping for another in 5 years to see you all again and to reconnect with those who couldn't attend the 40th.
Best wishes for good health and happiness.
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Douglas Wood
Bethesda MD Attorney Married 2
Really looking forward to the reunion. When I see the pictures on the website it reminds me what a great class we had and even though years have passed it truly seems like yesterday I was there. Thanks for arranging this reunion. Send Douglas a MessageSend Douglas a Message
Todd Robbins
Darien CT Investment Management Married 3
Looking forward to the August Reunion Send Todd  a MessageSend Todd a Message
Carolyn Schreiner (Calder)
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New York NY Design Office Administrator Married
I look forward to attending the reunion and catching up with old friends.  It has been a long time. Thanks Jenny, Josie and John for getting in touch - and also to the rest of the committee for making this event possible.  See you in August! Send Carolyn a MessageSend Carolyn a Message
Dick Costello
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Virginia Beach VA Classified...You're Not Cleared Married 3

Retired from Navy after 26 yrs....working for National Defense now...if you want unclassified debrief, please call Mr. W. Pickett at 634-5789. 

Steve and Nancy Verses, Dav Lynch and Patti Mazza attended my daughter's wedding Memorial Day weekend 2009.  Rest of you guys weren't invited.  MX lives.

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Anne Irvine
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Tacoma WA Single Again 3
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patricia mazza (sturges)
Ridgefield CT speech/language therapist Single 2

I want to extend my thanks and congratulate the committee for the tremendous job of putting this highly successful reunion weekend together. Such an outpouring of love and acceptance you created among the DHS class of '69. Three cheers and well done. Let the "Blue Wave" continue to roll...
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Tom Geriak
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Arcadia FL LEED-AP, photographer, musician Divorced 2
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