Help Us Plan the 50th!

Your Opinion Matters

1) Will you attend the 50th reunion?
Can't remember
2) If Not, Why Not?
Too expensive
Too soon after 40th
Too far from my house
Never attended a reunion

3) Do You Plan to Attend the 50th?
Yes, count me in!
Maybe, but I am interested
Maybe, but probably no
Don't like high school reunions
4) For our 50th, should we
Keep the same format as the 45th?
Change some of the locations?
Change all of the locations?
Let's have a cruise

5) Which club is the best for Saturday night?
Wee Burn CC
Darien CC
Woodway CC
The DCA on Middlesex
6) For Friday night, we should
Return to the Piedmont Club
Party at a classmate's house in Darien
Party in Stamford
Party in NYC

7) Should we serve food on Sunday?
Yes, the whole nine yards
Yes, hot dogs and hamburgers
Not a problem bringing a sandwich
No, will help my diet