Loren Rogers and Hubby
Loren Rogers and Hubby
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Join your fellow classmates for an exciting 3 days of fun back in Hometown Darien


We are at The Goose Restaurant on the Post Road
starting at 7:00 pm.
Refreshments, appetizers available


Events are planned during the day:
Breakfast at the Sugar Bowl
A golf outing at either Ridgefield or Sterling
(RSVP Required for either)
Contact Tim Potts (

Main Event at Tokeneke Club
Dinner and music at the Tokeneke Club
Semi-formal starting at 7:00 pm


Head to Weed Beach
We will be in the new Paddle Pavillion
Lunch and refreshments
Starting at 11:00 am


3 Days of Reunion fun is $150/per person

Saturday Breakfast is additional $25
Saturday Golf add $65

Send all checks to either

Josie Mullen
9 Hampton Road
Darien, CT 06820

Ed Tyler
16 Robin Hood Lane
Darien, CT 06820

Hotel Information:

We have made arrangements with the Double Tree Hotel in Norwalk. You need to book by July 9, 2019!!

Special Rate - $89

Go to:
Enter the dates: August 9 and August 11
Click: Add Special Rate Code
Under Group Code: Use DAR

Reservations can also be made by calling (800) 492-7148 and requesting the group "Darien Class of 69 Reunion"

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Help Us Find the Missing
Mike Brin Laura McCarthy
Bjorn Cagner Pat McCloy
Linda Calve Sarah McNevins
Mark Carpenter Pat Moreton
Louise Clark Nancy Moses
Cinny Cobb Karen Neale
Leigh Colegrove Linda Olson
Cathy Dwyer Janet Reichard
Alexis Evanoff Shirley Reid
Patty Fraser Susan Ricketts
Elizabeth Gaughan Michael Ryan
Patsy Geyer Schechter Bob Schueler
Lisa Goodwin Bruce Smith
Henry Goyette Jacqueline Smith
Susan Holmes Katy Taylor
Nancy Kugler Pat Trohan
Jennifer Leahy Nancy Walker
Robin Lincoln Marilyn Ward
Eric Maisonpierre Shirley Warpula
Alec Mayers Barbara Wilson
  Mary Wilson

50th Reunion Here We Come
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Students at DHS in the late 60s to the early 80s might have had Mardie Porter's mother, Margaret Porter, for French or Spanish class.

In WW2,  Mrs. Porter was a 'Code Girl' and recently the Library of Congress held a ceremony honoring their service.

Recruited from settings as diverse as elite women's colleges and small southern towns, more than 10,000 young American women served as codebreakers for the US during World War II. Their achievements were immense: they crack crucial Japanese and German codes giving the US a military advantage.


Old Time Darien: A picture of an old gas station next to Baker School called Sandmeyer's Garage. It was later turned into a cycle shop before burning to the ground. 
Picture circa 1970
Click to Enlarge
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Mardie Porter can shovel with the best of them. Take a look at what kept Mardie busy. 

Top: Mardie shoveling a path to the sauna

Middle: Shoveling a path to the car port

Lower: Mardie making a path to the woodshed. 

And that was this morning before lunch!

Help Us Find Missing Classmates!
We've shaken the bushes as best we could, and we are still missing some classmates addresses and emails. Please contact us if you know the whereabouts of any of these '69ers. 

Mike Brin Bjorn Cagner Mark Carpenter
Louise Clark Patty Cordes Leigh Colgrove
Cathy Dwyer Alexis Evanoff Patty Fraser
Elizabeth Gaughan Patsy Geyer Lisa Goodwin
Susan Holmes Nancy Kugler Jennifer Leahy
Robin Lincoln Alex Mayers Laura McCarthy
Pat McCloy Sara McNevins Pat Morton

Nancy Moses         Karen Neale Linda Olsen
Jan Reichard Shirley Reid Susan Ricketts
Mike Ryan Bobby Schueler Bruce Smith
Jacky Smith Debby Taylor Katie Taylor
Pat Trohan Nancy Walker Marilyn Ward
Shirley Warpula Barbara Wilson  

Important Contact Info

Where to send Classmate info :

Where to update your profile and see classmate's info:

Where to post your pictures: On Facebook, join

Darien High School Class of '69 members group

Thanks, and see you soon!
Courtesy NYT
Courtesy NYT
Darien Featured in New York Times Article
On December 5, the New York Times ran a highly favorable piece about the town of Darien. The town was recognized for its natural beauty, access to New York City and active social, arts and sports cultures.

They stated the town has a population of 22,000 in 14.9 mi.² with 16.5 miles of coastland. About 4,800 students attend the town’s five elementary schools, the middle school and the high school.

Darien High School serves 1,354 of the students, ranking at or near the top in the state on SAT scores and other measures of achievement. In 2017-18, the school’s average SAT scores were 601 in reading and 605 in math, compared to statewide averages of 524 and 507.

In late November, there were 206 houses and 17 condominiums on the market in Darien, with the median sale price of a home around $1.385 million.

The least expensive house currently available is a 700-square-foot cottage built in 1930, with one bedroom and one bathroom, listed for $359,000. The most expensive is the Ziegler Steinkraus waterfront estate, built in the early 1900s on 63.5 acres of a private island, with a 13,015-square-foot main house, guest cottages and an equestrian center, listed for $120 million.


Classmates Pete Fenichell and Paul Hendrickson along with Peter's wife Desiree and Paul's son. Picture was taken in Colorado Springs, CO during the Navy - Air Force Game on Columbus Day weekend. 

Association Honors Costello

The Darien Old Timers Association honored classmate Dick Costello at its 57th Annual Dinner, held Monday November 12th at Giovanni's. Costello was honored in light of his many athletic acheivements in football, basketball and baseball. As a senior, Dick held the FCIAC batting title. Many classmates and friends were in attendance, including: Steve and Patti Craig, Dave Lynch, Paul Hendrickson, George Farrington, Todd and Martha Robbins, John van den Heuvel, Ed Tyler, Steve Verses, Eric Joosten, Rick and Diana Poccia. Rick Poccia was honored by the Association in 2017.
Steve and Patti Craig enjoy some company during fall apple-picking time!

Recognize Anybody?
(Click to Enlarge)

Carol Ann Augustus Summers, Bev Bonfoey and Sue Geiger Johanson share a week-end together in Warwick, RI. 

Congrats to Classmates
Ann Irvine and Dave Terry
Announcing Plans to Marry 49 Years after Their HS Graduation!

We Send Our Very Best Wishes

1969 Classmates and fellow DHS Baseball teamates Paul Hepp, Ken Peliksza, Dick Costello, Mike Lopriore and Ben Bruno at a recent get-together in Florida

Speaking of Who's on First- Benny was on first, Johnny Maul 2B, Costello was shortstop and Hepp played third base. Lope was in CF and Kenny played LF. Dave Lynch pitched and was team captain. 

Dick Costello was 1969 All League FCIAC and tied for the batting title with a blistering .408 average. The 1969 DHS team finished 10-8 for the season. 

Ready to Go Back to School

with Mrs. Oberg
DHS Classmates Craig Metzgar, Susan Dickman Klein, and Paul Buckley
having dinner recently in Fairfield

Next stop, Darien!
Christy Rogers on the Camino de Santiago
Pete White
Thanks for the Update!

Joanne Schoepf Reisser

Thanks for the Update!
We Thank the DHS 1969 Classmates Who Served
Skins and Terry Cummings
The 45th Reunion
The 45th Reunion
Mike Lopriore and Paul Hepp get together in Jacksonville, FL.

Hey, where's the invite? It's freezing up here!


Vandy Van Wagener - Good to hear from you!

Thanks for the Update.
Anne Marie McGarry
Thanks for Your Update!
Deb Ridabock preps for the end of summer
45th Reunion
At the Beach

The morning began overcast, but the sun was shining at the start of the Sunday picnic.
Jenny, Janet, and Josie
Jenny, Janet, and Josie
The 45th Reunion
Jo Anne Schoepf and Christy Rogers
Jo Anne Schoepf and Christy Rogers
Baker School Alums
Baker School Alums
45th Reunion - Saturday Night
Jenny Hosts Q and A -- Tinker Drops Trou

Under cloudy skies, the 45th Reunion Dinner-Dance kicked off at the tony Wee Burn CC at 6:30 sharp.  We mostly stayed inside and drank cocktails while greeting one another in the Red Room.
Later, after repeated requests, our group headed to the dining room for an appetizing buffet of prime rib, salmon, and side dishes. Dessert was cheese and chocolate cakes, ice cream, toppings.

Once the tables were cleared, Jenny Bates started the evening entertainment as host of a general Q and A. Questions were asked from the audience about our class and our years in the high school.


Check Out More Pictures from Saturday Night
and Sunday at the Beach
in the Photo Albums section


Chris Bischof,Jim Tully, Eric Joosten, Jay Baker, Lope, Benny, Dave Lynch (Next Row)  Dick Costello, Nick Augustus, Tim
Chris Bischof,Jim Tully, Eric Joosten, Jay Baker, Lope, Benny, Dave Lynch (Next Row) Dick Costello, Nick Augustus, Tim Potts, Steve Verses, Mark Tinker

Pretty much 75% of the attendees made Friday night and it was a chance to reconnect with classmates and to thank many on the reunion committee for all their work.

Thank you's are certainly in order for the group responsible for putting this reunion together:


Outstanding job.

(If we missed anyone, please let us know)
Greetings Anahid!
Great to Hear from You
Back when smoking was cool
Back when smoking was cool
A Bevy of Beauties
Hot Fun in the Summertime
The perils of missing class on senior 'Skip' Day
George Wehmann's Pontiac Super Chief
Mary Grace Joynt and Suzanne Ferree

 Terry Cummings, Tim Maul, Cliff Powell

Tina Rollins McKay in Bali
Tina Rollins McKay in Bali
George Farrington, Mark Tinker and Jay Baker  Photo by George Wehmann
George Farrington, Mark Tinker and Jay Baker Photo by George Wehmann

 Shot of trip out west during summer of '69 when we hitchhiked to California. Mark Tinker's dad bought us the car to roam around California and back to CT. Thought I lost this. Great memories from that trip. Those were the days!  -George Wehmann

The names just keep on coming in!

(starting bottom left): Chris Garr, Ellen Johnson, Martha Whelan, Jane Hindenlang
Sue Dickman, Kathy McIntyre, Pam Burkhart Melee, Co Koppert (Young LIfe)
Bobby Grant, Kathy Fricke, Jackie Fitzpatrick, MaryLou Sivos
Heidi Gerber
Carol Augustus Summers, Anna Lamberton, Louis Belfour, Sara Schyler
Man in hat- L. (Ron) Hubbard, the kid on far right with hood is Mardie Porter's brother, Clark Porter 
The guy near top row hat and glasses: Middlesex science teacher "Booger" Bates
Right Center back row: The man in the hat and woman next to him-
Mr and Mrs Hendrickson (Paul's parents)! 

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